Words by Tiffany Rae – Tiffany Rae’Shan

Name: Tiffany Rae’Shan | Age: 25

Declared Profession: Writer/Blogger/Licensed Therapist/Child Welfare Administrator

Where can we find you?

Website: www.wordsbytiffanyrae.com

Instagram: @wordsbytiffanyrae

Twitter: @wordsbytiffanyrae

Facebook: @wordsbytiffanyrae

  • What do you stand for?

    I stand for people living their best lives by becoming their best selves. It is so easy to become consumed with external factors while neglecting to do the inner work necessary to improve our mental/emotional well-being. We must focus on becoming healthy and whole in order to receive all that God has for us!

  • What’s your favorite beauty hack?

    I am a “less is more” kind of gal. My beauty hack is really taking care of your natural hair and skin so that any addition ( make-up, weave, etc.) is just a bonus. Water is the key!

  • Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years?

    I plan to be in the best place I’ve ever been mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I hope to be a full time freelance writer while using my blog and other platforms to serve women. I also want to be married to an amazing partner in purpose.

  • How do you maintain work/life balance?

    I think it starts with self care. Staying centered is the prerequisite to finding balance. I really had to prioritize my life. Some agenda items are just non negotiable no matter how hectic my day is. Those items include prayer and devotion, quality time with my daughter, and a moment to myself. Otherwise I have a planner that I use to schedule my month, week, and days down to the hour with the understanding that sometimes, I won’t always get everything done. Giving myself grace when I can’t be all things to all people is critical.

  • Walk us through the step by step process that allowed you to be where you are today?

    My process like everyone else’s included some trials, triumphs, progress, and set-backs. I had to live and learn along the way until I found my rhythm, what felt right to me. This didn’t happen until I really began to discover my true sense of self. My college years and early twenties were spent searching hopelessly in pursuit of happiness. Once I understood that it started with me that is when everything changed. My thirties so far have been a time of rebuilding and creating the life I’ve always wanted. This period of rediscovery has led to a total shift in my dreams and goals. I was able to ignite my former passion for writing while tapping into my life experiences and education (clinical counseling) to start my blog. With that said I guess my steps to get here would include finding myself, refocusing on my gifts, making a plan, and executing while praying through it all.

  • If a youngin came up to you asking for advice and you only had a few minutes, what would you say?

    I would tell them to relax, breathe, and be flexible with your life plan. You won\’t have it all figured out and that is fine, actually that is preferred. As soon as you surrender, come to the end of yourself and let go of how you thought everything should turn out, that is when the magic happens.

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