5 Reasons to Wake Up Early

What it Means to Wake Up in the Morning

I have always been an early riser. Waking up at the crack of dawn before anyone in the house could ruin the silence. I always used to wonder how the heck someone could lay in bed all day; on purpose. Despite my natural calling to wake up with the sun waking up is not the same as getting up. Not every day do I wake up and get up soon after. Theres many a mornings where  I lay in bed and ponder away.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I discovered what it REALLY meant to wake up early.

Top 5 benefits of becoming a morning person

  • People that sleep in miss one of the most beautiful events of the day, SUNRISE. Rather than wait for a vacation, bae-cation (a vacation with the love of your life) or road trip to see the sunrise; take a moment to celebrate the fact that you can bare witness to this wonder every morning from your home town.
  • Enjoy the silence that comes with just being by yourself (or next to your lover) before “business hours” and deadlines. How many of us actually know what our streets sound like before most people are heading to work?
  • There are so many great things happening around you that are equally important Just a quick reminder that you are not the only one who will witness this day. I sometimes take time to check on my loved ones and say a silent prayer for their snoring, (a rambunctious indication of life).
  • Eat breakfast! For goodness sake, it makes a world of a difference to nourish your body BEFORE  you start your day. not to mention rushing to gobble down  junk food you grabbed on your way to work will only hinder your your health in the long run.
  • Early mornings are also the best times to set and plan goals without the mental noise that goes on in your head after midday. Have a journal or a list on your phone or tablet  that you use to plan out your activities for the day.


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