How to Survive Your First Waxing Trip

I am a woman who is cool with being hairy and just as fine with going bare. I have always been extra hairy and I’ve come to accept that. A quick shave often times isn’t worth the hassle of dealing with ingrown hairs and razor bumps.But what i hate is the “stubble phase” of hair removal. While both shaving and waxing don’t permanently remove the hair. I prefer waxing because the hair that grows back is much more bearable, as it does not sprout up with the sharp edge and often times is finer and not as dense. All these things combined also mean, no razor bumps or wild ingrowns. I began to see a professional esthetician at a local wax center. That was before I mastered waxing myself at home because let’s face it, for the moment I am only ballin’ in spirit and not in real life.

Here are some tips that i have learned from getting a waxing service done at a salon. You can apply these tips to both leg, bikini and Brazilian waxes.

  1. Scope out the salon before you make an appointment. Look for cleanliness, ease of appointments, parking, pleasant staff etc. Also, make sure you read reviews.
  2. Do not go before, after or during (gurl why?!) your period. You are far too sensitive in this moment and why would you do that to yourself? Love yourself.
  3. Do not shave. You need hair to wax so let  your hair grow out about a quarter of an inch in length (about 3 weeks for me)
  4. Do not leave your hair too long. If you really just let it grow out and it’s longer than a half inch I would trim with a guard on a trimmer and wait a week or two before the appointment
  5. When you go into the salon. Look for indications of sanitary conditions. There should be an unlimited supply of wax applicators and gloves. If you don’t see either. Run.
  6. Wear a dress or loose sweats to the trip so that you can feel comfortable and any residual wax doesn’t stick to your clothes.
  7. Have a free day, maybe two if you are getting a Brazilian. Afterwards, just go home and do very little. That means no exercise or ermm sex.
  8. Take a painkiller beforehand if you are extra sensitive to pain.
  9. Take a shower and lotion your body either that day or the night before. Dry hair breaks, just like the hair on your head or skin. If your skin is not moisturized the wax will break your hairs off at the surface rather than at the follicle. It’ll hurt more too.
  10. Lastly, make sure to exfoliate the waxed area about 3 days after and continuously to help keep things smooth.

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