Solstice in Times Square: Mind Over Madness Yoga

Beauty starts from within, and by that we mean physically and mentally. We had the pleasure of attending this year’s Solstice in Times Square “Mind Over Madness Yoga” that was presented by Aerie. This event was literally in the middle of Times Square. If you aren’t familiar with this annual event it is a free yoga event with an optional donation that is held in Times Square every year to help fund money for charities of their choice. This year the two charities of choice was Bent on Learning and Exhale to Inhale. The feeling of becoming spiritually connected with oneself and with the positive energy from everyone else around us was so exuberant.

As always we met some great people along the way. Matha (owner of But-A-Cake joined us on this journey (BTW check her out she started an inspiring yoga Instagram.

This event was pretty awesome, people of all different age groups came to share their yoga practice. There were beginners and intermediates as well as men and women. Jessamyn Stanley was there and but unfortunately we did not get to see her! Such a bummer cause we stand by her positivity messages and “her hell yeah just do it” attitude towards life. The event was live and published and some footage can be seen here. We attended the 3:30 pm class taught by Aditi Shah and Rachel Cohen.

Solstice in Times Square 2017: Body Positivity – Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn Stanley starts a conversation about the heart of body positivty & yoga at #SolsticeTSq

Posted by Times Square, New York City on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The only downside to the event was that we were not in the same section as the instructor, only the demonstrator. Which they did not let us know beforehand (or even on the tickets). Otherwise we could have come earlier and just hung out until class started.

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