Shea Moisture Faded Us…

First Pepsi, Now Shea Moisture.. What yall dont get?


Shea Moisture launched a commercial yesterday with the theme “Hair Hate Is Real”. And that it is! Women (and men) with kinky afro textured hair or locs have been kicked out of schools, fired and/or disciplined from jobs because their natural hair was deemed “unfit”. Shea Moisture came up on the scene by being made by, for and marketed to specifically these types of naturals, with their very specific product lines and on trend, affordable, natural and organic ingredients, they provided a lot of naturals just what they needed to start their hair journeys. So why are they catching heat?


Here it is:

Now, apparently there was a series of commercials but this is the one being circulated. See this is what happens when you don’t have a solid team. These ads go through several due processes and not a one person saw an issue? With this commercial, Shea Moisture totally shit on their demographic. I get diversifying but don’t bite the hand that fed you!


However, I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.


Shea Moisture sold a large portion of the company to a Bain Capitol years ago. Since then some people felt a type of way about the buyout but I had no issue, as long as we were still catered to, as long as the motives were pure. Good things have happened for Shea Moisture, they have had an increase in branding, are available all over including online, they come out with a new line every week so many in fact you may run into it before you get to see it marketed. The rapid growth of Shea Moisture has led me to believe that good things are to come for the cause and the representation of black hair and ethnic hair specific formulations.


Now while I think that everyone should be able to use any product they like. The issue minorities have been facing for a long time is that they are not specifically catered to and had to make do with products not made for them for years. Now that we are in a time where products are made for us, (due to the fact that we influenced these companies and their market) why are our coins good enough but our faces are not??



No shade to the beautiful women in the commercial, honestly it’s not even about them. Long straight hair, blonde hair, wavy hair, loose curly (stereotypic “good hair”), there is no struggle there, they represent Eurocentric standards of beauty that have always been catered to, (especially the blonde). My issue with the commercial is that they took the plights and struggle of the ethnic minority hair and let the “white woman tell it”. A slap in the face to all the loyal customers who have helped to build the brand; most of in fact, whose hair you’ve never seen on TV. Hair discrimination still exists even today, you can walk into any major store and find shelves and aisles filled with products made for blondes, red heads, stringy hair, frizzy hair anything that white women need for their hair they have a solution; it’s always been a part of “beauty”. How is that Hair Hate? Hair that has actually been getting hate is exactly the type they have been catering to all these years, the type 3 and 4 naturals whose careers and education could be on the line for literally rocking their God given hair due to systemic oppression against our natural appearance. Blonde haired children aren’t getting kicked out of schools, denied graduation because of their hair, having their hair regulated by companies and industries which hold their careers. Whats funny is even the red head wanted to be blonde to conform. While I understand the message was supposed to be one of unity, you missed the mark when you pretended like black women with kinky hair of all sizes, lengths and textures weren’t around for your come up Shea Moisture!

While I applaud Shea Moisture for pioneering the movement away from segregating beauty and ethnic hair aisles; they get no brownie points for fading us.

 Shea Moisture actually started me out on my journey (both of them) and back then there wasn’t a chick with afro textured hair that didn’t mention the company as part of her regimen.


So you can build your brand on our coins but then you deny us, all in the name of expansion?

Wow, okay – so guys, listen, we really f-ed this one up. Please know that our intention was not – and would never be –…

Posted by SheaMoisture on Monday, April 24, 2017


This is not the first time Shea Moisture has messed up. Though the apology was swift yall need to get it together.



Shea Moisture I loved you! But I can already tell you’ve started watering down your products and cheapening your ingredients because caucasian hair doesn’t need all the rich oils and creamy moisturizers kinky hair needs to flourish. But it’s ok, there are plenty of black owned hair care companies that cater to and are not ashamed of limelighting their demographic. Since yall want to expand so bad that you are willing to deny your loyal fans essential representation. I mean you could’ve picked a bunch of kinky haired afro textured Youtubers and helped to build them up. Why is it that in order to grow we have to cater to the pockets of the white majority. Shea moisture, you sold your soul!


What did you think of the ad? Will you be boycotting Shea Moisture? Leave your other favorite hair brands below!

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