Sadies Blendorfest

I decided to commit myself to attend at least 2 events every month in an effort to socialize more. Anyone who knows me knows I am a little turtle. I stay in my shell and only come out to handle business. However, I have been changing my ways and working on that. Hence Sadies Blendorfest.

I went to this event kind of on a whim, I booked tickets because I knew I’d be in the area and there are rarely enough events specifically for bloggers that take place in Jersey to begin with. I wanted to support my sistah Sadie and mingle with like minded individuals. Needless to say, the event was LIT!

There were bloggers and vendors to connect with, ergo the play on words for the name of this event. I met some really hard working vendors with some great products and up-and-coming as well as established bloggers such as Shay of Sunday Shay, the ladies of Queen Buzz, Jersey Fashionista Lillie Morales, Martine Cadet from and Jenna of Growing In Jersey City.

Jenn from Growing in Jersey City. I love those shoes!

The blogger panel answered questions from the attendees and stayed back to chat and mingle a bit. I finally had the pleasure of meeting Jenna from Growing in Jersey City blog after hearing her name come up several times in similar circles. I got some sweet advice from Martine. Chatted up with fitness blogger Robbie Anne about finding time for fitness.

During the mingle I hung out with fellow bloggers such as Nichelle of The Stylish Grind. I met the trio of a genealogy group, which have big plans coming up (some of which include Tiff and I, stay tuned!).

It was truly inspiring to meet some of the hardworking vendors and I wish I got a chance to meet them all! Yvette of Tracilynn Jewelry and Jessica of Peche Skincare. These women were boss moms. Jessica for instance had an inspiring backstory of why she started Peche Skin and I loved the idea of supporting her. I copped me a body butter spritz and parted with some great samples (reviews coming very soon!)

The event seemed to end all too quickly but it was so amazing to meet the bloggers, vendors and entrepreneurs. I highly recommend that you come out for the next event in October (eventbrite link) I already have my tickets.


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