Reflective Journaling

Reflection Journaling

Okay so I must say that I am very much in love with this new technique of journaling I am using. I call it reflective journaling. Now I am not new to journaling at all. In fact, I may sometimes overdo it, due to having a whole journal collection where each journal has a theme and different purpose, but I digress. If it works for you and isn’t hurting anybody, why not right?


Start small…

If you are new to journaling I suggest that you start out small. Write a sentence or two in a journal that you like with your favorite pen. If you like the modern feel, you can always use a laptop and open a word processor (which is what i have been gravitating towards lately)


How I go about it..

I simply write down the date (sometimes the time) and go at it. I write about how my day went, anything that happened out of the ordinary etc. But what I think is most helpful to add is that I reflect on my day as well. Adding in my thoughts on how situations could have gone better serves as sort daily of “mini lessons”. Rather than to let those ideas ruminate in your head (especially if you deal with anxiety) you can get them out and free up some mental space.



Remember the positive

Finally, another important bit is that you remember to take the time to write about something positive or love invoking. It could be anything. In the society we are living in where things are just going to shit all around us, we must always remember that the sun still shines and there will always be a beacon of light somewhere. We just have to keep an eye out. For example, yesterday while driving home I saw a white pigeon, I’m actually pretty sure it was a dove but because I’m in the hood, let’s say it was a white pigeon lol. Either way it brought a huge smile on my face to think it was a dove, a dove in the hood. Later, when I decide to scroll through my ramblings, I will always find something positive to remind me of that feel good moment.


Bonus: So I decided to provide you all with a simple lil template for reflective journaling on a word processor, since currently that is my jam. Make a copy in Google Drive or download it as a Word document.

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