On Having a ‘Big Heart’

So you have a big heart. Youve been let down, have had your heart ripped out and stomped on, been stabbed in the back by someone who was supposed to care. After going through the experiences you decide something has to change. You love too hard and too much, you open up to people and that shit has proven dangerous. I have been through these experiences myself and I do consider myself someone with a big heart.

I have come to the conclusion that it’s no longer a disadvantage to be a person with a caring heart. In my particular case, I care about people who I know as well as don’t know, who I have never spoken to, I get upset when I see or hear of injustice, I’m freaking sensitive, passionate and when I love its hard and relentless. Not everyone expresses themselves the same though.

When these traumatic things happen especially over and over you want to retract and reverse your psyche to change you into this closed off, cold hearted person. But you are not, that’s just simply not who you were born into this world to be.

We have many things to work hard towards on a day to day basis, being yourself should not be one of them. It’s hard and scary but I realized that this is how I express myself. And because I am a caring person this doesn’t mean I am dumb or irresponsible.

If your eyes have even been a little bit open to the happenings of the world. We are at a deficit, we really need people with big hearts. People who consider others, spread positivity, love and just remind others that people value you.

I think the diservice is trying to change and be someone you are not, for the sake of playing it safe. Everything has pros and cons. Sometimes you just have to accept and adjust but there is a difference between adjusting and putting on a facade.

I’ve come to find out that there are some really great people who see the world similar to how I do and I’ve realized that from just letting who I am come through. People will be attracted to your energy. So make sure whatever you put out is as authentic and beautiful as you are.

In a world full of hate, you create the balance, you make the difference, you are necessary, you matter. So to all the loving, passionate and gentle souls, here’s to encouraging ourselves not to change, because the world needs us.

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