Getting Grounded: Brick City Solstice

In an effort to re-kickstart my yoga practice I decided to attend a Yoga event in Newark’s very own Military Park. It was my very first time taking a guided yoga class outside. I had a bunch of revelations. The event wasn’t what I expected. We started with Laughter Yoga by Poonam did 50 or so rounds of Sun salutations.

I barely got through it. While it started by thanking and welcoming the sun into existence. The sun beamed right back at us. I arrived a cool caramel color and left with a toasted almond glow.. Not to mention I forgot my sunscreen and the bugs wanted to join in on the practice as well.

I met some great folks of all levels and learned of a style called Egyptian Yoga from Janette of Omega Fruits. People of all levels came to the event to welcome the Summer solstice. We heard and met Mike Philson launch the song “Breathe Free” featuring Marcus the Artyst. He also spoke on making it from the Hood into Harvard and his new coming film.

The event ended with a few helpings of delicious fresh watermelon juice (I was being greedy)  provided by Green Nectar Juicery. It was actually the best way to kick me back into gear. I literally had a moment where i realized that my bare feet were in the grass. I actually said “Wow. I can’t remember the last time my bare feet touched grass” It reminded me of youth and freedom, something that I have been trying to embrace more this year. Newark Yoga Movement hosted the event and hosts several free classes in Military Park and around the area.

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