Moment of Clarity

Today I woke up and read an article on the great Aaliyah, this year marks her 15 years after her death. After reading the short article about the late great Aaliyah it inspired me. She had such a beautiful soul even with the fame she earned.

The mood I once was in prior to reading the article all changed after reading it. So what did I do after reading the article? First thing ¬†first I ¬†forwarded to my best friend because he’s a huge fan; then got up out my bed walked to my car to move it and just thought to myself today has to be the day I change. I can’t keep giving excuses on why I didn’t have self-control over something I told myself I was going to do.


Over the past 2 years I have struggled with my weight, went through a well-needed break up (yes lawd ??), graduated from college,and started a new job (not in my field but it’s a new job). I met some amazing new people, even grew closer to a few people that were already around in my life. The only thing that was missing was my confidence, drive, and a little inspiration.

I got all that just from reading an article about Aaliyah ??.(Thanks, Girl!) We all fight our own battles in our minds and/or insecurities. Today I take a vow to not reflect too much on my current situations in life, but just accept them.

Moral of the story you can find motivation and inspiration anywhere.

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