Pro Athlete – Jasmin Castro-Lopez

Name: Jasmin Castro-Lopez | Age: 25

Declared Profession: Professional Athlete

Where can we find you?

Facebook: Jasmin Lopez

Instagram: @4RealJazz

Who are you and what do you stand for?

I am a young Puerto Rican woman who deals with abandonment issues, who deals with anxiety, who has been hurt mentally, physically, and emotionally. I am someone who wants to make changes within themselves that I would love to see within the world.

I stand for all the kids that have been abandoned from their biological parents, for the kids who have been jumping from foster care to foster care. I stand for all the girls that have been molested, abused and raped. For all the women who cannot get themselves out of a domestic relationship. I stand for the single parents who are fighting to give their child a great life. I stand for the kids and young adults who are working hard chasing their dream in whatever it is they want to pursue their career in. I STAND FOR RESPECT, EQUALITY, HAPPINESS, WORK ETHIC, FAMILY, and SUPPORT….. I STAND FOR LIFE!!!

Who in your life was the most influential in leading you to become the person you are today?

I would have to say Duane Johnson. Duane came into my life when I was 14 years old, he started off as my AAU (travel team for basketball) coach, and he was also the assistant coach at my high school (Wings Academy). After high school Duane became a mentor of mine, he helped me through school, basketball and sometimes life. Now, Duane is a father figure to me, he has been there for me through all my ups and downs. He helped me make smart choices, and helped me get through a lot mentally. Even though I still have a lot going on, he is and will continue to be there for me. Duane Johnson helped me become the young woman I am today.

Describe your personal style.

I am very energetic, always have a smile on my face, love to laugh, and am very positive. I am outgoing, open minded, ambitious, determined and adventurous. I love helping others before helping myself, I just love seeing people smile and be happy.

Being that I am an athlete I grew up as a tomboy. I have six brothers so the “boyish” style was always appealing to me. Now that I have grown into a beautiful young woman, I try to be girly, but can still pull of that tomboy look, I also wear athletic clothing.  

Who or what inspires/motivates you?

The family that adopted me motivates me, because since the day I was brought into this house I was mistreated, I’ve been neglected, disrespected, molested, and abused. I was always feeling like I was never wanted and I never really felt what love was from someone who cares. They motivate me because the choices they made or make in their lives have been terrible and never got them anywhere. they settled with what they have and was and still aren’t motivated to be better. I am also motivated by them because they mistreated each other, they are very disrespectful. I understand every family has their battles but my family holds grudges with each other, and I find that very unappealing.

I am always pushing myself to follow my dreams, I always want more and I never want to settle. I want to be better than them; I want to build an empire that cannot be knocked down. I want to be able to raise my children in a happy atmosphere. I want to make the changes I want to see in the world!!!

What is your morning/night routine?

I wake up 10-15 mins before my alarm clock to give myself time to actually wake up and get my brain and body functioning. Once my alarm clock goes off I pick a genre of music based on my mood, (I really like to listen to gospel, R&B, classical music or smooth jazz). Once the music is playing I take a shower, brush my teeth and get ready. I then grab something to eat and head to the gym where I have workouts from 7 to 8 or 9 am. After workouts, I grab something to eat and head home to shower and relax a little until I start the rest of my day. At night, when I come back home, I shower, eat dinner, and sometimes I listen to music. If not, I get my notebook and I either start free writing or I check on my monthly goal list to check off what I’ve done or to add more. Once I am done, I turn on the TV and put cartoons on; I have to watch cartoons before I head to bed, it helps me relax.

If you came home one day and your living room is filled from floor to ceiling with pineapples. What do would you do?

If I was to walk into my house and see my living room filled from floor to ceiling with pineapples I would be surprised, thinking to myself: “where in the world did all these pineapples come from”; “Did I order this?” Then I would just count them and distribute them to the homeless, senior centers, community centers, family, friends and neighbors, and of course leave myself a pineapple or two.

Who are the top 3 people you follow on  social media and why?

1) A few basketball companies/leagues and AAU teams, because I want to be able to see what is going on with them, what events they have coming up, and maybe even reach out to them one day to collaborate with them.

2)15funniestvideos, because they post hilarious videos and when I’m feeling down and need a serious laugh I go to their page.

3) Aldo Shoe store, because I like to be caught up with the new releases or the shoe deals.

How do you maintain work/life balance?

I don’t know how to maintain my work/life balance and that is because I like to keep myself busy, I am always up to something, figuring out a new way to be better, and help someone. Sometimes life becomes work, its crazy! I’m learning though, working on balancing my life and work.

What are some of the causes you stand for?

I stand for Domestic Violence, Aids Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness, and anything for the youth.

Tell us about an embarrassing moment?

My most embarrassing moment was when I was about 13 years old, I was in the park with all my friends and there was this boy there who I had a huge crush on. Anyways, it was a hot day and we all decided to have a water fight. It’s crazy how we as humans decide to do something and when it happens we run from it or back away. So like, we all agreed to have this water fight but we are running from each other so we don’t get caught by the person who is chasing you with the water, fun right? Back to the story, one of my friends were chasing me and instead of looking in front of me I’m looking behind me at the person who is chasing me, and the next thing I know I trip and landed face first and scraped my face and my hip. Oh and guess who was in front of me when I turned around to get up? The boy I had a huge crush on, and guess what he did? No, he did not help me get up, he pointed at me and laughed with my friends and his. On top of that I was bleeding bad, talk about embarrassing right?

What is your favorite store to shop at and why?

I love shopping at Aldo because their shoes aren’t expensive and they have beautiful shoes there. I also love shopping at any sports store, so I can buy athletic clothing. I would always buy athletic clothing before buying regular clothes.


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