4 Tips to get back into the Gym

Lack of time.

Time can not be your excuse for not working out. There are so many other ways of incorporating exercise into your daily lifestyle that is effective. For example high-intensity interval training (HIIT). When switching between intense aerobic exercises with little to no rest between each exercise you can burn a significant about of calories. The best part about this particular exercise is your keep burning calories even AFTER you finished your exercising. That’s about 5-8 mins out of your day!

Go to bed in your gym clothes.

I admit I am NOT a morning person (but I am trying to be) , I will hit the snooze button a million and one times just to get that last bit of sleep in;( I’m working on that we all have our flaws honey) but getting healthy and fit is a process. So why not just sleep in your workout clothes. You literally just have to roll out of bed and GO! Something else I started doing is placing my phone far away from me at night and when I set my alarm I am forced to get up. By the time I get to my phone I’m up for the day. ( I call this me adulting lol)

Stay focused.

There is a first for everything and breaking out of old habits and into new healthy ones can be a pain ?. The first few weeks are ALWAYS the hardest to get through. It will get easier after those few weeks. I honestly believe that it has to be something that you are dedicated to. They say it take 21 days to 12 weeks to form a new habit but, that all depends on how much you want to see changes and live a healthier lifestyle it’s all about disciple.

Get inspired.

For those times you absolutely don’t feel like getting up to workout or go to the gym find some inspiration I use Pinterest 

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