Practical Graduation Gift Ideas

May is a very busy month for most people. College graduates are gearing up for their first taste of adult life with their new degrees. There’s plenty of gift ideas out there for grads but here I’d like to provide you with practical gift ideas that will be meaningful and prep your grad for some great adult living. They may not be fancy but it will definitely be appreciated.


A planner

Up until now things have been laid out. Class schedules and deadlines have been neatly organized on syllabi for the last few years. But now that graduation is here he/she has to make their own schedule. Being late is unacceptable and a nice agenda looks professional. It shows he/she means business.


A motivational book

I have been out of college a year and I am just now getting the chance to read some amazing post grad reads. Inspirational books by people in their field or successful and skilled individuals can provide a healthy push with all the new “free time”. If they hate to read opt for an audible book instead.


Business cards/ Stationary

Depending on the focus of their undergraduate career, business cards may be perfect for self advertising and networking. Stationery is great for professionalism and sending thank you notes after meeting with professionals in their field. Even better, ask another graduating graphic designer student to help you out, (meaning you pay them for their work) that way you are blessing two new grads at one time.


Fitness Club Membership

We all need to maintain our physical fitness. It’s sometimes harder in college, especially if your graduate was a dorm student (doomed). If your grad is already a member of the gym at school, check they may or may not still have access for an extra fee. It doesn’t have to be a gym however, a yoga or dance studio membership is great too and fun!


Healthy Recipe Book

See, some of us can’t cook. Now we are not blaming anybody but we are going to have to learn how to nourish our bodies. It’s a life long skill.


Drivers license, lessons and or a car

Being able to drive AND having a car increases access to jobs. Like period. If you can afford it, it’s a great gift.


An internship or Job

Ah, the best gift of all. You got connections? Help a brotha/sistah out! It’s hard out here for a G.R.A.D. one of the best things you can offer is a foot in the door to gaining experience and some income that we can use to sustain ourselves.  



I guarantee you they want to travel when the time arrives. It can be really devastating to miss out on opportunities because we are bound to the States. Help set your grad free by arranging to cover that first passport cost. A great thing is, if you do it early you save on cost by allowing it to go through normal processing time instead of rushed (as most people tend to do).

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