Get Out Movie Review


I’m a little late but I finally went to watch the widely praised movie Get Out, and boyyyy I see where it gets its hype. First of all let me say, watching this with a predominately black audience in the theater was an adventure in itself. It’s like movie night at the crib, everybody got something to say lol. There’s hooting and hollering, we just couldn’t contain ourselves and I can not deny my contributions okay.

I had no real idea of what the movie was going to be like. I made it a point to avoid trailers, conversations, and timeline posts about it. All I know was that there was a black man going to his white girlfriend’s house and some creepy things go down. I was a little worried that this was a scary movie because I tend to steer clear from things that will keep me up at night. However, it was more like a thriller. Though that didn’t stop my scary ass still from looking over my shoulder afterwards.


I enjoyed how Jordan Peele (yes of Key and Peele) highlighted some of the microaggressions that we see displayed by some white folk. The accuracy is REAL although maybe only slightly exaggerated. Black folk do not like to be poked and prodded like lab rats, just as anyone else wouldn’t. All too often we are seen as tokens, and depending on the season we may even be in fashion (according to one character).

These white folk took blackface to a whole ‘nother level. Chris played by Daniel Kaluuya isn’t in denial about the realities of being in an interracial relationship or even in a predominantly white neighborhood and tries to mentally prepare himself for the trip to his girlfriend’s parents estate. But she isn’t helping the situation much because she’s on her “I don’t see color and neither does my family bullshit”. Chris’s best friend Rob (LilRey Howery) brings a comedic aspect to the movie all while never letting his friend forget he is a black man in foreign white man’s land and that horribly crazy things can go down. And well they definitely do.

This movie is definitely a must watch as well as something to add to the collection for ALL races.

Rating: 5/5 Crowns

Score: 👑👑👑👑👑

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