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If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to our podcast your missing out of a few things lol. No seriously this year we are dedicating most of our creative space to staying true to our resolutions. We call them anti-resolutions because we aren’t going to let them slip away from us this year. Consistency is key and the first rule of thumb in any equation to bettering yourself is self-acceptance, self-care first and lifestyle/career second.

Tiff’s Anti-Revolutions:

This year I’m focusing more on self-care meeting my financial, career goals and blog goals. My overall goal is to turn my resolutions into habits. I’ve always wanted to take a more simplistic approach at life because in my head it always seems so hectic in there. So I dedicated that to 2018, my chapter 28. A few weeks back I #tweeted something I do rarely. (Sis has to get back in the rhythm of tweeting again) pressing pause on saying yes because I have a bad habit of just saying yes before I REALLY think long and hard if I have one the time to commit and two do I even want to commit.

With all this being said here are my anti-resolutions:

Finding work-life balance | I’m sure this doable I just have to make it work. Nowadays we work more and relax less.

Being Consist in Yoga and the gym| I started my yoga journey November 2016 and even though I know this is my journey and I go at my own pace I just haven’t been consistent enough for me. So for now 2x a week I hit that yoga mat and stay true to my practice. And 2-3x a week I head to the gym.

Less Laziness| I know what you are thinking how can finding my work-life balance be a anti-revolution if I want to bash the the laziness. I literally have already started to work on this goal of mine. Working and then coming home and having to cook can be exhausting. So the times I don’t have time to cook a few dishes for the week I mix pre-frozen meals from Trader Joe’s to cut down on my cooking down. For example I brought a frozen bag of stir fry veggies and cooked chicken and made a salad. One week I brought a roasted veggie whole wheat pasta and all I had to do was pop it in the oven for about and hour all that was left for me to do was make a salad.

Lastly focus on hitting my career goals. Reading more and learning more. First step is studying for this GMAT exam to get into grad school.


Chi’s Anti Resolutions:


For the rest of my life I want to make things as simple as possible and as minimal as possible. This includes combining the multiple things that I am involved in so I don’t feel like I am operating as completely different people. From now on this blog is going to get a bit more personal and I’ll be honest that ish is scary. It requires me to face my fears a bit more which I want to get into the habit of doing. One of my favorite inspirational quote says::


If your dream doesn’t scare you it isn’t big enough.


My goal is to make my dreams a reality before it’s too late. I’m going back to habits that were proven good for me such as staying consistent in yoga, and journaling. I’m continuing on my health and fitness journey as well as my personal presentation and self-care. Also, I plan on finding a fulfilling job with benefits. Lastly, telling people how I really feel. Some of you know how reserved I can be but I have been facing this a lot lately and decided to make a permanent change. I like to live without regrets and sometimes biting my tongue can be destructive and confining.


Comment below what your #AntiResolutions are and how you plan on sticking to them.

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