Finding Balance

A recurring theme at this time of my life has been finding balance. I find that I actually don’t like for things to be out of my control. Not that I am a controlling person but if I’m to be honest with myself it’s in my nature. What do I even mean by “balance”, it’s such an abstract yet very specific word. I have had to dig deep to recognize what balance really means.

Life is not fully in our hands…

As a believer in Christ I tend think things go according to His plan. But even if you are not a believer, I think it’s pretty clear that given the state of affairs recently in the world especially in the states, that no matter how bad we may want something to go a certain way, it still may not. Hell I didn’t want Trump as president and look what happened. Because most of the happenings in the universe are out of our control. I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as balance.

This conclusion has kind of saved me.

Why? Well I’m a recovered perfectionist. That shit is stressful af. It used to be to the point if I couldn’t get something done the exact way I planned and visioned for it then I wouldn’t do it at all. And we all know if something is impacting your ability to perform or accomplish everyday activities then its a problem that needs to be addressed.

I believe there is balance to be found in first recognizing that there is no damn balance. All you can do is work to somewhat align yourself in the best direction of progress you desire and go from there. Don’t stress yourself out if you are not doing everything you have ever wanted at this very moment. What helps me is to organize my goals into priorities. I aim for a top three (but sometimes I still overshoot). Right now mine are fitness, education and party planning. Afterwards everything else can be done in your “free time”.

If you don’t think you have free time. Think again.

There is almost always something someone does in their free time whether they recognize it or not. For example, in my free time I used to watch silly Youtube videos. In order to squeeze in time for my goals I had to make a choice. I either reduce the time I spend on Youtube or incorporate what I am trying to learn (i.e. How to do a Goblet Squat) into what I watched.

With practice doing this I can gauge weather can add some extra things to my list. Some goals won’t take as long as others to reach. For instance, party planning isn’t going to take as long as me learning how to speak Spanish fluently (which is a goal for 2018, fingers crossed). However, some things can be combined. I can register for a Spanish class along with my education goals. I already know what I have next on my list simply because I keep a physical list of them.


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