God’s Child-Dameeka Nesmith

Name:Dameeka Nesmith | Age: 23


Where can we find you?

Instagram: Dameekan

Twitter: Dameekansmth

Periscope: @Genuinebeauty

Who are you and what do you stand for?

I am a daughter of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ. I seek to reflect Him daily. I stand for unfailing Love, Integrity and Purposeful Relationships.


Who in your life was the most influential in leading you to become the person you are today?

Since the tender age of 16, my mentor Min.Yashica Horn of Angelic Baptist Church in Bayonne, NJ. In my infancy stage as a believer no matter what situation came she always pointed me to Christ. The love of God she embodies and her faith in God to provide made me want to seek Him for every area of my life. I witnessed God make a way for her when by sight seemed like nothing was coming together. She moved blindly with faith and He always covered her in the end. God truly takes care of those He love, no favoritism in His Kingdom.


Describe your personal style.

I am still learning about fashion, I am drawn to classic and contemporary clothing. I never want the outfit on the mannequin nor do I follow trends but will use it for inspiration. I like to mix and match and find pieces that are rare or could be worn differently, for example, a necklace that can be worn as a bracelet or part of a headwear. I like to experiment while wearing things I am comfortable with. I have learned to dress for where I am going, not where I’m at in life.


Who or what inspires/motivates you?

The children of my family motivate me to be a role model. Also seeing incredible artwork, and products made to help us live better. The mediums artists use to create an image, daring to excel in their craft inspires me. The newness of things motivate me to think outside the box and to be a trailblazer.


What is your morning/night routine?

My day starts with prayer and ends with prayer. I fulfill the duties required at work and home. I check on my relatives. I am a homebody, I like to listen to praise and worship music throughout my day. I love a peaceful atmosphere when home and seek to enjoy life. I try to be organized, do self-evaluations and take it a day at a time.


If you came home one day and your living room is filled from floor to ceiling with pineapples. What do would you do?

I would give them away to everyone. The shelters, churches, family, friends, neighbors. Spread the word, and lastly experiment by cooking a dish that involves pineapples.


Who are the top 3 people you follow on  social media and why?

I follow Prophet Brian Carn, Tiphani Montgomery, and Kendra Y. Hill. These are powerful people of God yet humble, business savvy and they teach others to serve God and walk in their purpose and destiny.


How do you maintain work/life balance?

I seek God for guidance through reading His Word and Prayer. When I don’t I fall short, I may say the wrong things or move too fast. I have learned that through Christ I can do all things, he will keep me balanced in work and in my personal life.


What are some of the causes you stand for?

Empowering the youth, education, social services, poverty alleviation, arts and culture.


Tell us about an embarrassing moment?

Sophomore year, my parents were walking me to the light rail station from our new home. My mom mentioned the urge to pass gas. When she does loudly (like a tugboat horn), I glanced over, and there in a parked car with the window rolled down someone was seated, heard the whole thing. Before I could start my first day of school, we all were embarrassed.


What is your favorite store to shop at and why?

I love to shop at JCPenney’s in Newport Mall. I am a Bargain Shopper. They always have discounts and variety of designers. I go there for summer wear, business wear and dresses. The music in the women’s changing room, one would think they hired a DJ. I never enjoyed trying on clothes anywhere else!





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  • Lakisha Nesmith October 21, 2016 at 3:21 am

    Wow my beautiful loving caring sister your choose of words display truth strength love loyalty honest and The Way Of Life You Choose out of life. And the path and road my beautiful loving caring sister chose was God’s Way And Will and with that anything is possible once you believe. I love you My baby sister and May God continues on blessings and watching over you and continues on leading you in the right direction and with that be all you can be and more. And never stop seeking God. I love you as always Dameeka Kayla Nesmith, all the answers that was ask of you. You my sister just answers it so precise with that you are and always will be protected by Me and The Blood of Jesus


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