#CurlFest 2017

CurlFest was a  pure breath of fresh air. There were so much diversity and creativity. This was our first time being in attendance and we are already looking forward to next year. This was our first time attending CurlFest, and we must say it was definitely a huge deal. If you have never heard of CurlFest, it is a natural beauty festival for women of color to celebrate their natural beauty. So naturally, we were pretty excited because that is exactly the message that permeates throughout our blog.


We met quite a few people and witnessed some amazing outfits and talents. There was a bomb DJ repping for the diversity of attendees. In addition, we enjoyed a few complimentary refreshments. There were several elaborate food trucks.

Now it wasn’t all perfect, there were a few things that would’ve made our CurlFest experience even better.

To plan accordingly for #CurlFest2018 we put together six important tips to help you and your squad experience nothing but dope memories.

  1. Arrive early, like really early. It’s important if you wanted to take part in the free give-a-ways. Chi got there only a few minutes before the event actually started and the line was already over 2 miles long with no end in sight.
  2. A blanket is a MUST have.
  3. Opt to bring your own food and/or snacks, We wanted to try some of the food from the food trucks but, the lines were crazy as expected
  4. Bring sunblock in the forms of umbrellas, ha, s and sunscreen
  5. Chargers and battery packs, they had a dope charge station set up (sponsored by Insecure) but who really wanted to wait to capture the amazing moments CurlFest had to offer? Be picture ready and take plenty of your own
  6. Have patience, be prepared to wait in line like you are going to a Beyonce concert (hey beehive).

There were several elaborate food trucks and swag bags and we got neither (ahh maybe next year! we’re on a mission, we will be coming full throttle).


“I just couldn’t bring myself to wait in line for products or food. I am easily turned off by chaos. The lines were long and scattered, I was hot and I remembered all the products I still had at home.” – Chi


 Overall #CurlFest was AMAZING! We wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more organization and communication. Signage would’ve been a great asset to the event; people were jumping in and out of lines not knowing what they were waiting for lol. For those of us who traveled from out of town, we had no idea where to enter the park due to lack of signage leading us to the correct location. Hopefully, CurlFest is now hip to their turnout rates and can plan accordingly for the next CurlFests to come!


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