Name: Crystal Santoria | Age: 28

Declared Profession: Author/Award-winning Poet


Instagram: @PhirstPoet

Twitter: @PhirstPoet

Facebook: CrystalSantoria

  • What do you stand for?

    I am a creative storyteller who loves telling the stories of those who cannot speak for themselves. I capture a part of society that is not often highlighted. I stand on the right side of justice and I let you see it through their eyes. The captivating stories are there for you to adjust your life, beliefs, or fantasies.

  • What’s your favorite beauty hack?

    My favorite beauty back would be Dawn everyday to get matte lip colors off of you. Man some are just the devil to get off.

  • Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years?

    In five years I want to be booked 6 days a week mentoring to other writers who want to get published or just want to learn to express themselves in writing. In ten years, I hope to have built the C.S. Café’s commercial address and thriving in it.

  • How do you maintain work/life balance?

    Scheduling. If it isn’t scheduled then it doesn’t exist and I will not complete it.

  • Walk us through the step by step process that allowed you to be where you are today?

    “S.A.P.” (Speak, Act, Push)

    1.) Speak it into existence. (Yes, even when it’s not visible) I spoke my first book into existence a year before I even started writing.

    2.) Act. (I had to actually act on it to be a published author) You can’t speak it into existence and not do anything to make it exist.

    3.) Push. (Now that you have acted on it then you have to push your way through. Book yourself, get visible (blogs, lives (Facebook, Periscope, Zoom)) Then you have to push your gift, your talent into the world. If there is an opening you apply for it. Don’t think of the qualifications.

  • If a youngin came up to you asking for advice and you only had a few minutes, what would you say?

    If they were asking me advice about writing. I would sit them down and make them do a chart of everything they went through. If you can write a story on your deepest secrets then you can write a story on anything. Most people won’t write about the hard things. You have to rip that band-aid off and express everything you didn’t say. Words left unsaid always forms cancer. Write it out then get back to me asap.