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Reflective Journaling

Reflection Journaling Okay so I must say that I am very much in love with this new technique of journaling I am using. I call it reflective journaling. Now I am not new to journaling at all. In fact, I may sometimes overdo it, due to having a whole journal collection where each journal has a theme and different purpose,…

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Get our ish together.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to listen to our podcast your missing out of a few things lol. No seriously this year we are dedicating most of our creative space to staying true to our resolutions. We call them anti-resolutions because we aren’t going to let them slip away from us this year. Consistency is key and the first…

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Finding Balance

A recurring theme at this time of my life has been finding balance. I find that I actually don’t like for things to be out of my control. Not that I am a controlling person but if I’m to be honest with myself it’s in my nature. What do I even mean by “balance”, it’s such an abstract yet very…

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The Pressure The Lilz Experience

“The Pressure” – The Lilz Experience

We all feel pressure at some point in our lives.  We met up with the amazing Lilz of The Lilz Experience to talk about the many pressures we as millennials feel about career, marriage, kids and body image. With her candid views and our un-glossy opinions, best believe we went there! It was a blast! Check out the video where we…

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DIY Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner

After all the outdoor yoga I have been doing, I have dirtied up my mat quite a bit. So I thought it would be a good idea to share my DIY Yoga mat cleansing spray. This is a recipe I learned about five years ago. Enjoy! Why would you want  a natural cleanser? Well for one you should be cleaning…

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Self-Love A New Found Love

What is self-love? Focusing on your well-being and happiness, food for your soul. Self-Love is setting time aside to do things that make you happy. How many times have you caught yourself thinking or even saying negative comments to yourself out loud and believing in them? Or even better looked around society and observed how we look so beautiful and…

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