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Always Evolving-Lucy Brice

Name: Lucy M. Brice | Age: 19 years old   Where can we find you? YouTube: Instagram: @LucyMBrice Twitter: @LucyMBrice   Who are you and what do you stand for? The person I am is always evolving, but in one word I would describe myself as ambitious. I am always thinking of ways to improve myself and the world around…

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The Slayed Queen – Brielle Stewart

Name: Brielle J. Stewart | Age: 24 Declared Profession: Plus Size Fashion/Beauty Blogger Where can we find you? Instagram: @NoMinusPlus Twitter: @NoMinusPlus Personal IG/Snapchat: @BrieLikeMe Facebook: @BumblebreeMakeup   Who are you and what do you stand for? My name is Brielle Stewart, and I am a plus size fashion and beauty blogger. “I stand for body positivity, crop tops for…

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Art x Chayla

Name: Chayla Young (Art x Chayla) | Age: 19        Declared Profession: Student at Indiana University/Human Development & Family Studies Major Where can we find you?,, Twitter: artbychayla Instagram: artbychayla

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