Products You Should Be Using but Aren’t

Baby Products

If you do not have a baby, or there are no babies currently in your circle of family and friends, chances are, when shopping you steer clear from the baby aisle most of the time. Fact is, often you can find exactly what you need in the baby aisle. Sometimes they are even better than the adult variety (and cheaper).

Baby Shampoo

Besides the nice smell, baby shampoo is gentle enough to wash your makeup brushes. Swish your brushes in a little warm water, rinse and lay your brushes down to dry. 

Many formulas are ‘tear free’. Meaning, it’s gentle, safe and mild for use around the eyes and growing skin and can be used to remove makeup from your face as well if you are out of make up remover.

You can also use the shampoo on your own hair, more than likely the ingredients in baby shampoo are gentler than any regular alternative. 

My favorite shampoo happens to be Johnson’s No More Tangles Extra Conditioning Shampoo, it’s a combination of conditioner which makes it even softer on your brushes, hair and skin. And yes, I use this on my natural 4c hair.


Baby Oil

Baby oil can be used to remove makeup from the face, if you don’t care about the mineral oil.

My favorite use for baby oil is to clean ear wax. I saw this one on Dr. Oz show, I think. Tilt the one ear to the ceiling, drop a few drops of room temperature baby oil into the ears, after a few seconds take a napkin and tilt the ear towards your shoulders catching the oil in the napkin, take a shower or use a warm damp wash cloth to wipe external ear.

Last but not least when you are done shaving let your clean razor sit in a glass of baby oil. This keeps it sharp and from rusting.

Baby Powder

Sprinkle in shoes and between toes to keep feet and shoes odor free.

Keep dry and cool in heat sprinkle betweens thighs, on chest.

Set makeup and keep oil production at bay at night by dusting some on your face.

Baby powder also keeps ants away at picnics or from indoors when spread around areas they may travel.


Baby detangler works just the same on detangling and softening hair as it does on babies, the best thing is that the formula it usually light weight.

Johnson Spray Detangler

Baby perfume

This is my biggest secret and I’m sharing it with you fam. I splash baby perfume on to smell good right after a shower if I am just lounging around all day at home

If I’m having company or getting ready for bed after a long day I splash some on my clean bedding, it absorbs quickly and makes the room smell great. Its cheap and there are so many out there, my fav happens to be Para Mi Bebe.

So there you go, you don’t have to avoid the aisle any more! Go crazy kids!

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