Afro Preppy | Nice to Meet You Interview

We had the pleasure of being featured on The vibes, oh the vibes!

The interviews are definitely fun and uplifting, learn more about other “uplifters” as well.

 A recent graduate with her BS in Biology and BA in Psychology, Chi is a curious, peaceful and determined Jersey-based woman who’s all about empowering and uplifting other women of color through her blog Queendem. Yours to discover a natural alchemist who transforms negativity into positivity and bring about powerful change in her community.  – Naná Oya, Afro Preppy

Check out Chi’s interview: Interview: Nice to Meet You Chi from Queendem | Afro Preppy

Tiff is a natural moon child who helps other Black women to get in touch with themselves. Inner peace is the force of all life, and it’s the precise energy I have felt throughout our entire interview. Her energy can move mountains, I can only imagine what the Jersey-based blogger can do through her Queendem empire with co-founder Chi. – Naná Oya, Afro Preppy

Check out Tiff’s interview: Interview: Nice to Meet You Tiff from Queendem | Afro Preppy

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