About Us

QueenDem is a collision of dopeness curated by two millennial women of color. Together we define our own greatness and success while creating a vision for other women to do the same. By bringing you our authentic perspectives unfiltered, unglossy, and … just real. We highlight the success of other women of color while silencing the noise that we can’t work together. Breaking through the walls of limitations that are too often placed on us.

We are your homegirls and every night is girls night.


Welcome to QUEENDEM.

About the Authors


Chi of QueenDem.comChisom “Chi” is an eternal productivity seeker, hobby hoarder and an aspiring yogi. There isn’t a craft she’s not willing to learn or a project she won’t venture into.  She creates her own destiny and won’t let anyone or thing stand in her way. A recent graduate with her BS in Biology and BA in Psychology despite fighting some of the hardest battles she’s ever had to face. She learned through struggles that life is what you make it and is on a journey to get the best out of it. Her boisterous (yet contagious) laughter, genuine candour and tendency to overthink is just some of her charm. Currently a receptionist, tutor and blogger, this Jersey native is unapologetically driven  and strong. Chi has learned to work through “imperfections” not the other way around.




Retail employee and Freelance Graphic Design by day, Blogger by night. Born in New Jersey, I take a stand for the things I believe in. Although I can be a tad impulsive at times I am determined to be great. My love for everything that sparkles (but, everything that sparkles isn’t alway gold) and my outgoing personality, I embrace my flaws and all. I am destined to conquer life’s challenges. With the collaboration of her blogging partner Chi, they come together to spread the greatness.