A Hiatus is Good

It has been a lil minute since we have updated our content here at QueenDem (okay a whole season lol), but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Tiff and I have been experiencing some major life changes and well, change can be good thing! Can we be honest with y’all for a moment? As we all know time management is a very important necessity for any project that you take on in your life and with us other things took up most of our time. Tiff got a well deserved promotion (meaning  major responsibilities), and I am trying to work on my future career. You can’t always plan every moment of life. And that’s okay because such is life! We live and we learn and life is all about making adjustments. We took that time to ourselves to gather ourselves and get back on track. We hope you all have not forgotten about us and the greatness that exists here on QueenDem lol.


So, we just let the whole of winter slide on by.  Winter is not our particularly favorite season and I tend to give anyone who says it the side eye. We hate the cold and unpredictable weather due to the effects of Global warming (which by the way is real just saying).

Either way we plan on pushing forward with our Queens on the Rise segment on our blog as well as bringing you bigger and better projects and content! Now that we are all caught up with each other, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date and get special exclusives, including giveaways, and much more. We know how valuable your inbox is (shoot so is ours #GirlBoss) so we promise we won’t spam you fellow queens.
In the meantime, sit back relax and browse the site.

Thanks for reading

Chi + Tiff


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