4 Ways to Find Your Personal Style #Self-Discovery


Part of finding your personal style is taking into consideration your lifestyle and your #goals.  Base your fashion vision around your lifestyle; you want your style to represent your personality. You also want to take into consideration, where you work, as well as where you live. Do you want to venture off to another field in your career or just your overall lifestyle?



Seek inspiration.

Everyone loves Pinterest (shoot I go on there 1st before Google when I need ideas.) You can gather ideas from blogs, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines. (I’m a fan of paper, I love Barnes & Nobles thought I’ll add that fun fact about me.) You can even grab some fashion ideas from your favorite celebrity.


Tip – Start an inspiration board on Pinterest save all the outfits you like. Once you’re done go back and look at what you saved. By the similarities, you will begin to notice exactly what your style is.



Your Signature Piece.

No matter what your style is every woman has a signature piece to pair with her outfit. Okay, how about my girl Solange she never passes up the chance to rock bright, bold colors. Whether it’s her accessories, makeup or solely her outfit. She plays off color and provides a balance with a simple face and bright outfit or vice versa. If you are not into colors like Solange it is okay. Your signature could be sunglasses, statement shoes, a backpack, or a nice lippy. It’s all about what you’re willing to leave your mark in.


Tip – To widen your personal style and add a signature piece go through your closet and look for all the odd things that you aren’t too comfortable wearing and add them to your ensemble. Doing so will evolve your personal style.


C O N F I D E N C E …

When I say confidence is a way of life its part of the success factor. If you want to own your personal style you have to let personal opinions roll off your back. Girl, not everybody will agree on your PERSONAL fashion decisions and that’s okay, just remember this is your moment of self-discovery.


Tip – Everyone has moments when they feel the most stylish.  When those moments occur take a photo! When you look back at that photo remember how great you felt in what you were wearing. And guess what? in that very moment, you have captured your true personal style.


Random fact- C O N F I D E N C E is key!




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